When my son Ethan was little he loved cars.  (Well he still does but now he does not want the toy ones.) He loved them so much that he would put them in a bucket and carry them around with him.  One day the mom of two of the boys at church, Dillon and Seth, gave Ethan a bunch of cars.  Ethan was on cloud nine, he could not believe his good fortune.

Everyone who came around had to hear about Dillon’s and Seth’s great gift to him.
Everyone had to hear how he loved Dillon and Seth so much.
Every time he played with them he mentioned that he thinks Dillon and Seth are his heroes because they gave him these wonderful cars.

O the lessons learned from the mouths of babes and infants.

The attitude of my son needs to be the attitude we have towards God.  Shouldn’t we be overflowing with thankfulness and gratitude because of God’s undeserving grace and generosity towards us.


2 Corinthians 5:14 tells us what our attitude of gratitude should be…

Paul says, “The love of Christ compels us…”


Compels means constrains, confines, leaves us no other option.
The verse tells us that when we experience the grace, mercy and love of Christ it should leave us no other option but to live lives of thankfulness.

Verse 15 tells us that this thankfulness shows up in no longer living for ourselves but for the One who died for us.


It means…
…our priorities are His priorities.
…Not just words saying we are thankful but actions that show God we truly appreciate the gift of life and hope that He has given us.


A lot of people blame God for the bad things and ask, “Why me?” 

I think we need to see all God’s blessings—grace upon grace lavished on us—and ask, “Why me?” 

Why is God so good to me?  Why am I so blessed? 


Let’s stop bellyaching about the little stuff that isn’t going our way and start living for Him and in so doing show our thankfulness. 

Have you been impacted by the life changing, life giving, hope building, healing hand of God in your life?  Then show it!


Let the love of Christ compel you to live for Him and show God how thankful we truly are.  Don’t just talk about it…show God your gratitude!