Is God First?


The Bible makes it clear that we need to honor the Lord with the first fruits of our increase. When we do, according to Proverbs 3:10, it honors the Lord and our “barns will be filled with plenty, and [our] vats will overflow.”

Notice that the proper place to give our first fruits is “the house of the Lord.”  

An example of firstfruits in Scripture can be found in the book of Joshua.

When God was sending in the people to possess the land the first city that was to be conquered was Jericho.

God gave the Israelites strict instructions not to keep any of the spoils. All of it belonged to Him.

Why did the Lord say that all of the silver and gold from Jericho had to be given to the Lord’s house? Because it was the first city conquered in the Promised Land. It was the firstfruit.

God didn’t say, “Conquer 10 cities and give Me all the spoils from the tenth one.” He essentially said, “Give Me the first and you can have the rest.”

That took faith, of course—and so does tithing.

One Israelite disregarded God’s clear instructions. Joshua 7:1 says a man named Achan took some for himself and became “accursed.” Think about that. When the spoils were given to God, they were “consecrated” or set apart for God’s house. But when a man took some for himself, it was actually cursing Israel’s efforts to take the Promised Land.

Consecrated or cursed—that’s exactly what the tithe is all through the Bible. If we take the firstfruits for ourselves, it becomes a curse because we’ve stolen from God.

Is it really an act of faith to give 10 percent after all your other bills are paid?

What does it say about our priorities when we willingly pay everybody else first and then see if there is enough left to give God His portion?

The first portion we spend should be the tithe. That is the firstfruit. And according to Exodus 13, the first portion is the redemptive portion.

That’s why it’s so important that our tithe is our firstfruit.

The first portion has the power to redeem the rest, and I promise you a redeemed 90 percent can go a lot further than a cursed 100 percent.
God let us have faith to believe that 90% redeemed can go a lot further than 100% cursed.  Help us get past the fear of,  “What if I cant pay everything else?  Or get everything else done because I have put you first?”  I pray for the release of faith and blessings on the lives of your people here at DSC.  Amen.
From a sermon by Pastor Robert Morris