Before you do anything you need to figure out the why and it needs to be compelling to you.  It should have the kind of passion that makes you pound the table and say I cannot see it any other way.  It must be emotional, something that you feel deeply about.

For me growing spiritually comes down to I want to fulfill God’s calling on my life to establish a Great Commission Movement through the ministry of Desert Streams.  It drives me, it keeps me up at night and it motivates me to make choices that would ensure the success of it – one of which is my own personal spiritual growth.

What is it for you?

It should be more than, “Because that is what we are supposed to do.”

Maybe your motivation can be…

  • Be a ROLE MODEL to my family so that they can be inspired to serve God and grow to be more like Him too.
  • So that I can TEACH others how to grow as well.
  • To get past the current sticking point I have found myself in for the last few years in my relationship with God.

Think about our month long fast and decide why you will fast.

  • I want breakthrough in my marriage.
  • I want to experience the power of God in my everyday living.
  • I want to overcome this addiction, fear, area of bondage.
The why is so important and necessary for our success in growing spiritually.