Last time I mentioned that in order to be successful at experiencing breakthrough in spiritual growth in 2016 we need to have a compelling reason why we are doing this.

Once you have established why you want to grow spiritually it is important to have the right foundation.

As Jesus tells us in the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, your foundation is important.  We must establish on the foundation of God’s Word if we are to experience breakthrough in our lives.

The best advice for having the right foundation is what we call PB&J.  The proper spiritual foundation is established by taking time for prayer, bible reading and journaling.

Prayer is what we will be talking about in the month of January so I will move on to the other two.

Bible Reading is a necessary part of a proper foundation for spiritual growth.  Through proper bible reading we begin to get a glimpse of who God is and what we would look like as we are transformed into His image and likeness.

Journaling is when we take what we are reading and distil it down to practical applications that move us from Bible reading for information to Bible reading that transforms us.

Every time we read God’s Word we should be asking ourselves the two questions:

  • What is God saying to me?
  • What will I do about it?

Of course that is done through the acrostic SOUL.

  • Scripture Reading
  • Observation – What is it saying?
  • Understanding – What does it mean?  Are there other scriptures that speak to the same topic?
  • Life Application – How can I apply this to my life?

When you work your way through SOUL and write it down you have just completed Bible reading and journaling.

As you fast and pray this coming month take advantage of the Fasting Manual that is available so that your spiritual growth will have the proper foundation from which to build.