I was thinking about relationships and what is the most important relationship in the world. Without a doubt it has the be the relationship I develop with Jesus. You see there is no other relationship in the world that can meet our ultimate need.

Think about it…I love my daughter and we spend lots of time together. I have poured much of my life into her but inevitably one day another man is going to come along and pirate her love away. Yes I did say pirate because it feels like he is stealing from me.

I have spent countless hours with my son but this year he will graduate High School and move on with his life (as he is already doing). None of these are bad but what happens is that relationships change and they never give back everything you hoped that it would.

Except the relationship with Jesus – He is unchanging. The same yesterday, today and forever. It would be wise of us to give our highest priority to investing in our relationship with Jesus. And how can we do that? Spending time in prayer and in reading His Word.

By the grace of God. we need to determine that we are going to keep on praying. Only through prayer will we become the kind of people God can trust with the real answers. Only in the process of praying will we find the meaning of life for which everyone seeks: A dynamic, personal relationship with the Creator, the living Lord, the Savior of the Cross, the resurrection morning Victor, the only One who is life to us.