I got up this morning with a sense of anticipation and such a sense of joy that God was present with me.  I feel like this is a destiny altering moment for all who would embrace this final week of fasting.  Now is the time to go deep, to press in and to discipline ourselves to seek God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. 

As I was getting ready to do my devotions the Spirit of God led me to Isaiah 58 and I felt it was important to read it and having read it I knew God wanted me to pass it on to you.  

For those of you hungry for a move of God in your life,

who are desperate for a breakthrough in your finances, 
your health, 
for the spiritual state of our nation.  
For those you anguish over those who are lost and in need of salvation.  

If you are desperate for a change in your marriage or for your family situation…


Let’s press in and experience the true benefits of fasting.




  • We can seek God out and not find Him because of disobedience and hardened hearts.
  • We can ask God for answers, and fast for breakthrough but not find the breakthrough we need because of disobedience and hardened hearts.
  • We can outwardly fast and it never touches our hearts…
  • We can skip food and abstain from TV and media but we continue to take advantage of people, we continue to harbor unforgiveness towards others.


God desires a heart that seeks to be submitted to Him in order for our fast to be a breakthrough kind of fast.

He desires that we have a heart to be obedient to Him.  And that heart that for God shows itself in how we look to help people be free from bondage and sin, to show kindness and mercy to others, to be people of crazy generosity, looking to serve others above ourselves.

He wants us to have a spirit of unity and reconciliation and not one of offense, gossip and building factions.

He wants us to follow His prescription of rest and worship by honoring the Sabbath and by ensuring that above all else we put worship and fellowship with His people first on Sundays.


If we fast with a heart that is truly intent on pleasing God.  If we alter our lives so that it reflects a priority of worship and obedience to Him then….then…


  • Our light will break forth like the dawn
  • Your healing will quickly appear
  • You will have a reputation of righteousness
  • And Jesus will be glorified
  • When you pray God will answer and you will experience His presence in a tangible way.
  • You will receive favor from those around.
  • You will have clear direction for your life.  God will guide you and you will not feel like you are groping around in the darkness.
  • He will meet your needs even in times of drought.
  • He will give you strength and will experience refreshing in every season of your life.
  • He will use you to restore the glory to His people and His church
  • You will experience His joy. 


God I am hungry for you and for your move in my life and the lives of the people of DSC whom I love so much.  I am seeking you with an obedient and sensitive heart.  Bring breakthrough in our lives God!

Praying and fasting for you this week,
Pastor Gary