Daring to Go the Distance


We are midway through Daring Faith: the key to miracles.  I have been praying for breakthrough for you and believing God for some amazing miracles to take place in your lives.  As with any meaningful breakthrough to occur it will come with the resolve to continue to walk out your commitment to become a person of daring faith and trust me the enemy does not want you to have spiritual breakthrough. 

Let me encourage you to keep pressing on, don’t give up.  If you are like me then you may have encountered a few obstacles to your commitment to living with daring faith, circumstances may have come up that test your resolve.  Like we talked about on Sunday with Peter**, it is easy to see the wind and the waves and become fearful and discouraged but remember that Jesus is right there with you and every profession of faith comes with a test of faith – so don’t become fearful!  Don’t lose heart now or get distracted or give up, your miracle is just around the corner. 

Your breakthrough is coming!

I encourage you to…

  • continue in your small groups,
  • continue in your Daring Faith Devotions and
  • make your Sunday attendance a priority. Together we are stronger

 I have been hearing a few stories of breakthrough, of God healing and providing and making a way in impossible situations.  I want to ask you to share your stories of breakthrough so that other people’s faith can be built up and strengthened.  Share them with your small group leader, share them by emailing them to me, we want to celebrate them.


Blessings to you and may God build your faith as you choose to step out on the water.

Pastor Gary


**If you missed Sunday then you need to listen to the sermon, you can find it on our Desert Streams app or by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.