Matthew 1:18-25

How we deal with life’s interruptions is one of the defining qualities in who we are as people. Our character is determined NOT when life goes according to plan, but by how we react when it doesn’t.

I don’t know if there is any character in the Bible that faces this issue more personally than Joseph. The carpenter from Nazareth was anticipating his forthcoming marriage to Mary, and suddenly all of those plans are swept away in angel dreams, and Divine visions and the slow realization that instead of refinishing furniture, he would be raising the Son of God. Instead of merely waiting on the happy day of his wedding, Joseph found himself and his life upside down, while he waited on Jesus to be born.

You and I can understand why God chose this man to be the earthly father to Christ, when we really examine how Joseph handled the interruptions to his life with faith and obedience. His life may have veered off course, but Joseph was still waiting on God. You and I would do well to follow that example.


Joseph modeled complete trust in God, even when he didn’t understand what was happening.

Joseph married Mary, even when every ounce of reason in him, said this was another man’s baby she was carrying.

I know, I know, Joseph saw an angel, that’s why he trusted God. But I also know human nature. Joseph saw that angel once that we know of — he had to watch Mary’s belly grow with a baby inside for 9 months knowing he was not the father. Trust does not come easily when understanding is far removed.

I can hear God speak to me on Sunday and forget it by Tuesday! Joseph had to trust God for 9 long months while he waited.


The question is not whether life will ever careen off of your highway of hopes and dreams, BUT, what will you do WHEN it does!
How have you responded in the past, and how are you preparing to respond for the next time life changes directions unexpectedly?