28 Days: Day 6


  • Acts 2:42-47


One of the greatest enemies of a growing Christian is isolation.  I believe that this is why the early church stressed that believers devote themselves to the fellowship.  People need to be in community.  In community we can encourage one another, show love to one another, spur one another on to love and good deeds.  We can pray for one another. 

James tells us that we must confess our sins one to another to that we may be healed. Maintaining open, sharing, and praying relationships with other Christians will help keep believers from bottoming out in their spiritual lives. The fellowship helps to give the spiritual strength that provides victory over sin. And they also provide godly pressure to confess and forsake sins before they become overwhelming to the point of total spiritual defeat.  Then we have the understanding of accomplishing the mission of the church as well.  The most effective way that is accomplished is as the community of believers, each person bringing their gifts and talents to help make the mission possible.


One person’s witty definition of TEAM is together everyone achieves more.  Apart from being witty it carries great truth.  Together we can accomplish so much more for the kingdom of heaven than trying to do our own things. 

 There is power in unity.  Too often we run away from unity because we confuse uniformity with unity.  God does not call us to all look, act and dress the same but He wants us to come together and agree upon pursuing the Great Commission together.  When we allow God to knit our hearts together in the bond of His Spirit we can accomplish great and mighty things for the Kingdom. 


If DSC is to be a Great Commission Movement we must be unified.  That means following the God appointed leaders and embracing their plan for fulfilling the Great Commission.  Yes there are many different ways to become a Great Commission Movement but a DSC family that is in unity will rally around the God appointed leader.  I guess that requires putting your trust in that leader but then again trust is the currency of unity. 

Will you join your heart, mind and strength in unity around the plan for the Great Commission here at DSC?  Ask God to help you be in unity with the DSC family.