Responding to a Word from God

How often I feel like God tells me something and then there is silence.

The drama and emotion fades and I am left with the question, How should I respond this promise from God?


In Luke 2 several people get words from God and we see their reactions…

Zechariah in chap 1 got a word and was doubtful and so he was given a sign to assure him that he had heard from God.  

The shepherds got a word from heaven:  the word included a place and a sign.  So, what do they do?  They responded by going to the place and witnessing the sign.


Speaking of signs.  Jesus was born and because there was no place else to put Him, they improvised and put him in a feeding trough lined with hay.  But the more you look at this incident you realize that our “inconveniences” are many times a very integral part of His unfolding plan.  The sign for the shepherds, who many believe were the shepherds who tended the flocks of the temple sheep, was a powerful word picture that resonated with them.  These shepherds would often wrap newborn lambs in strips of cloths and put them in a feeding trough so that they would not hurt themselves and remain unblemished.  What an amazing and personal sign it would be for them to see the lamb of God wrapped in cloths and laying in a feeding trough.  


The other thing that the shepherds did was that they recounted the story to others after they had seen the baby the sign had led them to.  They gave testimony to the veracity of God’s Word.


Mary was also getting words from God: through the angel, the shepherds, Simeon and Anna, even the wise men.  Mary did something that many of us need to do with the word as well. She “treasured” them.  She pondered on them and thought about them, rehearsed them in her mind.  She held on to what was said knowing by faith that the word would come to pass – even in this case if that meant that this was a word she did not want to see happen and that would take a near lifetime to see.


The shepherds had to respond immediately to the word they were given because it was happening in the moment.

Mary treasured and pondered the word in her heart because it was for a future time.


How are you responding to the promises of God to you?  Are you acting on it even if it is in faith?  Don’t give up, you can trust that what God has promised He will do, and when He does it – go tell it to everyone you see!