628 Is Now The Family Gathering

I love our church family!  And as a family we have so many strengths that make us unique and special, but I think what I am coming to love most is that we are a family; a group of God’s kids who live in biblical community.  We choose to care for one another, to love one another, to encourage one another, to spur each other on to love and good deeds, and the list goes on.  I want to capitalize on that family feel as we walk by faith into the new season God has spoken over us, so you may notice some changes in the following months. 

For one we really want to make Sundays a welcoming place where guests can join the family and feel at home, so we are really going to be working on a welcome home feeling.  From guest to family members alike we want them to feel like they walked in the door to home.  Think of how you would want to be welcomed home after a long week away – we want to do that with all who enter.

Along the same lines we are changing the name and format of 628 to reflect some of that family understanding.  We will now call 628 meetings The Family Gathering.  These meetings will be quarterly and will contain specific elements to help us connect with the family on a few different levels.

  • First of all there will be food provided. Every good family event has food.
  • We will also be providing childcare.
  • This gathering is for everyone who considers Desert Streams their church home.
  • When we get together we will be taking time to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of people and in the life of the church family.
  • We will have some time for accountability in the form of doing our Spiritual Self Assessments.
  • There will be time to catch up on what family activities are coming up and we will also set aside time to take communion.

It is our goal that the family of DSC will be encouraged and refreshed as we spend some time together at our Family Gathering and that we will grow closer to each other in the process.  Mark your calendars for the first one which will be March 5th at 6:30pm.  Dinner will be ready by 6:15pm.  Come and join us.  This is your family.