Time For a Spiritual Checkup

As I have gotten older I have been quite religious about going to the doctor for my yearly checkups.  Honestly, I don’t want to go but I have come to recognize that I am not as invincible as I originally thought I was in my twenties and thirties. 

Why is it that so many of us hate checkups?

“Well,” I say to DeLaine each time, “I feel fine so why do I need to go in?”  It feels like a waste of good and precious time that I could use for other more important activities such as watching TV or taking a nap.  Can I get an amen?  For some they don’t want to go for a check up because they sense something is not too right in their bodies but they don’t really want to deal with it, it is more of the ignorance is bliss life philosophy. 

Yet going for a checkup is such an important investment of time and energy especially if our goal in life is to be healthy.  I am not sure it is anyone’s goal in life to be sick and in a great deal of pain till they die.  Someone defines success as the progressive realization of a pre-determined goal and if I have a goal of being healthy and hale then I need to have some kind of tool that measures if I am being successful.  That’s where checkups come in.  We go to the doctor and they run tests on us and we get to find out what is good, what is not, what looks like something we should be paying attention and what mid-course adjustments we may need to make so that we can continue on the road of good health.  Of course I also get advice from my doctor and a form of accountability to my health regimen.

Right about now you are thinking, “PG why in the world this long discourse on checkups?”  Well I am so glad you asked.  You see just as we need physical checkups we also need spiritual checkups.  Our spiritual goal is to become more like Jesus and if we are going to be successful in this really important life goal then we need to have some regular checkups along the way.  We need to have regular times of evaluation so that we can find out what is good, what is not and what mid-course adjustments I need to make.

If you have a goal of being more like Jesus then we encourage you to be growing in three broad categories:  your relationship with God, your relationship with God’s people and your commitment to fulfilling God’s mission He has called us to.  At DSC we have provided you with an evaluation tool that we call The Spiritual Self-Assessment (SSA) test.  For those truly serious about spiritual growth we encourage you to fill it out every three months.  We provide you with the link and all you do is take about 5 minutes to answer the questions.  When you submit it, the evaluation is sent to us here at the church and then passed along to the main ministry leader that you are serving with.  Those ministry leaders then connect with you to encourage you and to help resource you so that you can grow in the areas where you are needing a little push.  They also provide a level of accountability for you as well.

Over the next few weeks we are going to ask everyone at the church to take some time to fill out the SSA and it is my deepest hope and desire that you will take the time to utilize this tool to help you grow up in your walk with God.

Let’s grow and be healthy together,

Pastor Gary

Here is the link, click on it and take a few minutes to do your spiritual check up…