We Are The Hope for the World

Do you realize that we the church have within our power the ability to change our world.  We are the hope for the world!  A lot of times we forget that as we are overwhelmed by the craziness of the world and the busyness of our own lives.  We have the good news that God loves mankind and He desires to bring us into a life changing relationship with Him.  It is our privilege and responsibility as Christ-followers to do whatever we can to share the good news with the people around us.  We can do it individually and together as a church family.  As a church family we can join forces together to be more effective in proclaiming the good news to people so I want to encourage you to join together as the church family.

Invite someone who does not know Christ to attend church with you especially on special Sundays like Mother’s day and now Father’s day coming up where we will have a tailgate party in the parking lot.  It is easy to say, “Come hang out with us at our Father’s day tailgate party.”

On June 2 we are having a Date night.  It is for married couples to have a date together.  We are having dinner (tacos), some games together and we will take some time to help couples work through expectations in their marriage.  There will also be some exciting activities for their kids as well.  Let’s face it, this is a perfect way for couples who are not yet Christ-followers to catch a glimpse of the power of God working in their marriage.  Will you take time to join forces as the Desert Streams Church family and invite a few of your non-Christian friends to attend with you.  Make an investment in the lives of others, partner with the church family to help spread the gospel and infuse some life back into your own marriage…it is a win on a lot of fronts.

When we join forces as the church family we can accomplish so much more.  It is easy to brush things off and think only about how something affects you but will you look up and see the people of SCV so much in need of a Savior? 

Will you say yes to sharing the good news by joining together with the church family.

We the church are the hope for the world…let’s start right here in our neighborhoods.