Table Talk

Quick, what is the mission of the church? To make disciples or as we say at DSC – multiplying Christ-followers everywhere.
That process is getting them to believe and then to teach them God’s Word and help them be obedient to it.
We do that in so many different ways.We have Sunday Services, GROW groups, ministry experiences, leadership training events, and the list goes on.
But one of the things that people tell me all the time is how busy they are and they have no time for all the meetings that go into discipleship.  Too many meetings Pastor, can we cut back?
So what if we could do something that checks off a lot a boxes at the same time?
  • The church connecting in smaller groups.
  • Opportunity for encouraging one another, praying for one another, getting to know one another.
  • Leadership training opportunities and discipleship opportunities.
  • The chance for the Word of God to connect with people at a deeper level than just hearing and leaving.
Wouldn’t you be interested?

Some of my best and most treasured memories are around tables.

  • With my family and some with people I just met.
  • Sharing meal and some conversation and taking time to get to know one another and encourage one another, laugh with one another.

One of the things that stand out about our church is the sense of family.  I want to take some time to foster that. One of the things we yearn for is something we actually shy away from in the beginning – the sense of belonging and fellowship.  Church around tables gives us a chance to connect with people face to face instead of staring at the back of their heads. I promise you that you will not have to talk if you don’t want to and it will not be any pressure to say anything.  Come and enjoy the next few weeks in the book of Acts as we explore it around tables in the Family Room.