Working from Rest

Hi Family!  July is fast approaching and as is our custom we take time to rest, to have a Sabbath month. The word Sabbath means an intermission, a break from the normal routines.  We are committing July to be a Sabbath because rest is important to God. He commands us in Exodus 20:8-11 to “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” He tells us (yes, me and YOU) to set aside a day where we don’t work. But not just us… our sons, daughters, servants, animals, even aliens. God tells us to do this because WE NEED THE BREAK. He cares about us, He is tender and compassionate towards us, and he understands our frailty. In God’s deep love for us, he asks us to please chill out for a day, so that we don’t burnout, breakdown and lose our effectiveness. Keeping the Sabbath isn’t just a day off full of binging on Netflix or ESPN. We have to make sure we are connecting with God as well. During July, we are going to change up our routine at DSC in order to rest: to refresh ourselves, recover strength, and restore God’s peace. This includes in our daily, personal lives, too.   Here are some things you should consider including in our month-long Sabbath:

Think about God & Take Inventory of your life:  

Spend time thinking about God and His greatness. Remember why you love him, and that he loves YOU.  Check your priorities. Ask God these questions and listen for an answer: 

  • Are all these things I’m involved in good in your sight, Lord?
  • Are they the best I could do with what You have given me?
  • Am I striving to live in my own strength or Yours?
  • Am I hearing Your voice?
  • Am I following after You?
  • Am I leaning on my strength or Yours?


Spend time with God daily:

Set aside a time to meet with God daily. It refreshes us, renews us and gives us strength for the hard times.

Make time for PB&J (Prayer, Bible reading, and journaling). Start SOUL Journaling (go to if you aren’t sure how).

Commit to putting down your phone and spending the first five minutes and last five minutes of your day with God.  Check out our 31 days of rest handout.  

Spend your Sundays with your church family worshipping God:

We also need an extended time that’s set aside to be with God and his family. Too often we get sidetracked with our Sabbath and think it means spending time out with our family and friends, having fun. This is important but it’s not the primary objective of the Sabbath. Taking time to worship God should be our first priority.  The only way place we can truly find rest is in God’s presence. From that point, we branch out into time spent with family, friends, and recreation. 
Whether we understand it or not, to connect with God requires connecting with His family, a Christian without a church community is a contradiction!  And don’t just limit it to Sunday – spend time with the family in fellowship.  Our 31 days of rest handout has suggestions on how you can do some of those things, check it out.
So let’s get ready to REST, God’s way!