God Wired Us For Community

You don’t have to look far to discover that there are some really unique people in the world.  We’re unique in how we look, how we talk, and how we interact with others. We also value different things.
Take Charlotte Lee, for example. Charlotte, a 32-year-old from Seattle, has acquired more than 5,000 rubber ducks that she houses in her basement.
Paul Brockman from Germany owns 55,000 dresses! He claims they’re for his wife.
Then there’s Jian Yang, a gentleman who collects Barbie dolls. He’s got more than 6,000 dolls and has spent almost $400,000 on his hobby.  
Every day we encounter people with different stories.
Different backgrounds.
Different differences.
And these differences can be good things, right? They add variety. They make things interesting.
But differences can be stumbling blocks too.  Face enough relational drama, and we soon begin to fantasize about living on an island by ourselves.   
So what do we do with that?
We can choose to not care and just do our own thing.
We can choose to build a wall around ourselves and shut out anyone who is different to us…boring!
Or we can lean in to a truth that can revolutionize our lives.  You see the truth is that…
He made us to connect with one another. 
He made it clear that we are not to be lone rangers, that we were meant to live together in community.
But if I am going to be honest that community is not so easy at times.  When you engage in God’s plan of community it is going to be messy, confusing, complicated, complicated, confusing, draining…and the list goes on. 
BUT God never asks us to do things that are detrimental to us.  The end result is always that what He is asking of us is for our own good and we need to push through. 
In the next few weeks we will explore God’s plan for us for community and all of the amazing benefits that are available to us when we choose to push through the discomfort to experience the payouts.  Come join the community.  Yes I know we have some “unique” people in our DSC community but you will discover that the variety spices up our lives.  
Say it out loud every day this week – God made me to be a part of community.