Comfort Comes from Community

We are talking about connecting in community in the next month here at DSC and in specific this week we are talking about how comfort comes from community.  As a result I wanted to share this letter I got from someone from the church family.  

I was thinking about your teaching last Sunday and the comment you made that it was your fantasy to have a church of Christ followers demonstrating their love for God and One another by showing it in very real and practical ways.
These last few weeks since we moved back into our home after living in a hotel for 7 months we experienced some unexpected needs.
While The renovation team that repaired our home did a beautiful job on the actual renovation part—the way they “packed” our home belongings was a mess! Boxes were everywhere from upstairs and downstairs and in the garage and nothing was marked. boxes were piled high on top of furniture and furniture was out of place. it was a bit like an obstacle course to say the least. Needless to say we were not able to cook as we couldn’t find our pots and pans etc. I spent the first week crying!!!
First I want to say that there were several avenues of help from church and the most important thing to know about belonging to a community is letting your community KNOW you need help.
I texted my Grow Group Leader (who had already checked in on me)
My grow group leader, Joni posted on our FB page and several offers from our Grow Group immediately came flooding in of meals and offers for help of whatever was necessary along with daily and much needed prayer support.
Thank You Yuka for the amazing Chicken Curry!!!..
and All my grow group for prayers and encouragement and help!
There were days I knew I was being carried by the prayers of my amazing Grow Group.
Second, because I serve at church-I let them know and additional meals and prayer support,
Texts (Thank you Pastor Warren, Levi and Crystal) and offers came in.
Thank you Ken and Deborah Lee for the amazing dinner and prayer and tech support you provided us. Larry and I appreciated it more than you could ever know.
Community living means you have a family you can count on when you need it most. Larry and I were at our worst. We are still in the midst but making progress. The community at Desert Streams means everything to us. I just want you to’s not a fantasy. It’s a reality. We Feel blessed at Desert Streams church,
Larry and Tina Kudelka.
We were created for community and God uses it to provide comfort and help for us!