BBQ Update

This last weekend we had our Family BBQ and it was a great success.  It was our desire to connect with 50 people who have never been to DSC so we asked the church family to invite their family and friends to the event, and many of you did.  At last count we connected with at least 35 new people on Saturday evening; there were more new people there, but those are the ones that we can account for having met and connected with.
Many of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed themselves and were blown away by the generosity of the church family and I had a number of church members tell me later that their friends and family who attended were more open to attending one of our Sunday services.  We are continuing to build relationships and looking for the opportunities to share the Good News with people.  Remember good works produces good will that leads to the Good News.
I want to say thank you to all of you who made this event a success: Debbie Dunn who spearheaded the evening, Layla who had such a passion and creativity for it, Justin Eaves who organized the activities, Adina who headed up the food, Michelle who invited everyone in Santa Clarita it seemed, and to every one of you who invited someone and who attended – thank you all for working towards fulfilling our calling to multiply Christ followers!
And the job is not done – this was only stage one.  We ask that you continue to invite those people who attended to come to our Sunday services and we ask all of you at the church to make Sunday mornings so amazing that people experience the presence and power of God in such a way that draws people to Him.

Have an awesome week and see you on Sunday. PG