Dare To Do Big Things for God

Last Sunday we shared the story of Agnes.

She went to India in 1929 as a member of the Loreto Order of nuns.  There she taught for many years and became head mistress of a school.  In 1946, she received her call within a call to work with the poorest of the poor.  By 1948, she had received permission to leave the Loreto order and trained in the nursing skills needed to carry out her calling.  She prayed, “O God, if I cannot help these people in their poverty and their suffering, let me at least die with them, close to them, so that I can show them your love.”  In 1997 Mother Teresa got that part of her prayer answered.

Would you say that what she did was wasted time and energy?  Did her one life make any kind of difference? Well she started the order called the Missionaries of Charity.  From this simple beginning, the Missionaries of Charity have grown to include 4500 sisters and brothers, over 800 homes and more than 1300 medical clinics that serve hundreds of thousands worldwide.  

Mother Teresa’s did not despise her one talent and bury it – she was faithful to use it and to dare to do big things for God.


We can do the same thing! Use what God has given us and dare big things!
God is generous. He has generously gifted you, so dare big things! 

As a person and as part of this church family.

What are you going to use to dare big things for God this season and in 2020?

Why not start with our Random acts of generosity!

Here is the challenge for this week…

  • • Buy a cup of coffee for the person in the line behind you in the drive through or in the store.  Give them the invite card – because that is part of the generosity – sharing God’s family with them.  
  • • Write someone an encouraging note with a gift card and put the card in the envelope as well.  
Let’s use what God has given us to make a difference in the lives of people for His glory!