Exodus 13:14

“In days to come, when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’ say to him, ‘With a mighty hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 


Observation – What does it say?

God commanded the Israelites as a lasting ordinance, for all generations to come, to sacrifice the firstborn of every animal and to redeem every firstborn child by sacrificing an animal in it’s place. And the reason was so God’s people would have a continual reminder of what he had done for them, and it would also be a testimony to the generations to come.


Understanding – What does it mean?

God doesn’t want his people to keep their testimonies to themselves!

He instituted this ordinance to make sure the generations to come would hear the stories of all God had done.

Sharing our testimonies has been a continual theme God has been highlighting. Faith has been ignited as those in our church family have shared how God physically healed them and hope has been ignited as several have shared how God saved them and continues to reveal himself to them.

Just a side note… growing up in the church and giving my life to Christ at a young age, in my younger years I always felt like I didn’t have a testimony. If that’s you, you have an amazing testimony! God has spared you the heartache and pain of life separated from him. He has surrounded you with people that love him and have encouraged you in your relationship with him. That’s an amazing expression of God’s love toward you, and a testimony just as powerful as anyone else’s… so share it!


Life Application

In light of the context in Exodus 13, I specifically feel challenged to share my testimony with my son. I will probably share a shortened and less detailed version for now because of his age, but none the less will share. It’s important he knows what God has done for me and why I love him, why I worship, why I pray, why I love the church, and why I’ve given my life to serve God.

God, thank you for giving me a testimony. Lord, stir in our hearts a fire to share our story. For those of us with children or who have relationship with those younger than us, grant us opportunity to share with them about all you’ve done in our lives. To You be all the glory! Amen.
-Levi Thompson