Scripture – What stood out?

EZEKIEL 13:23 I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the Lord.’”

Observation – What does it say?

Ezekiel 13 is a prophecy against the false prophets and diviners of that particular time in Israel’s history. Plagued by these false messengers of the Lord they had managed to lead the nation of Israel astray and confuse not just the wicked but also the righteous. This chapter was a notice to all false messengers as well as God’s faithful at that time that God was about to shake things up!


Understanding – What does it mean?

If you read this entire chapter the message is crystal clear that God is very very mad at these false prophets and “magicians”. They were clouding his people’s judgement. They were creating confusion and chaos. They were leading His people astray. And some of them were doing it for pennies on the dollar! 


I feel like this chapter was a reminder for me to be constantly testing the spirits by using the bible, the HS, my community of believers, my pastors to test the words and visions that may get sent my way. But I think the bigger takeaway for me was to take what comes out of my mouth very seriously. And not mince God’s message…especially when there isn’t one.


Life Application How can I apply this to my life today?


Lord continue to use me. Teach me when to speak your word and when not to speak…anything at all.


Help me to continue growing in your wisdom. Grant me your Holy Spirit to discern when something is from You. Help me to grow in my knowledge of the bible. Continue to surround me with faithful believers who trust in Your scriptures.


Thank you Lord. In the name of Jesus do I pray. Amen.

-kenneth lee