What Does Our Church Need Most Right Now?

If you are a committed Christ follower who considers DSC your church home – this note is for you. 


During this Corona season we have had to adapt to a different way of experiencing church, and as time goes on many people find new routines and activities that begin to fill their time. One of the things that has probably suffered is your commitment to the church family.  Whether we understand it or not, or fully believe it or not, the church family is important. You invest into one another and experience the kind of community that is what God desires for His people, in order for them to live out all that He desires for them.   


As the DSC church family, can I give you a few things that our church needs most right now


Your prayers.  

If you don’t pray for our church, who will?  


Your financial faithfulness.  

The needs of the church and its ongoing mission haven’t changed. We are still supporting a selfless, hard-working staff; still doing our best to serve those in need; and having to invest heavily in new equipment in order to have services online.  Our financial needs have risen due to the technology, equipment and expertise needed to move online.  


Your engagement.  

Yes, we’re all experiencing online fatigue. But one of the reasons we have stayed with the format we have is so that we can engage with each other corporately even if it is in a chat for an hour.  Don’t let online fatigue keep you from community.  And attendance is not engagement – don’t just be there – interact and engage with one another and with the Word of God. 


Your witness.  

If you have stopped “inviting” your friends to attend church simply because there is no longer a physical service to attend, you are missing out on one of the greatest outreach opportunities in our lifetime. Now is the best, greatest, easiest time to invite people to come and see, come and hear, come and explore in the most non-threatening way imaginable—online.  


Your service.  

For so many, you served with children’s ministry, ushering, worship team and in so many other physical ways that are now unavailable, but we still need your gifts and serving hearts. Now there are some new roles and needs that need your expertise.  

Can you hold a camera?  

Are you willing to learn how to edit video?  

Would you be willing to serve in our outreaches?  

Can you give supplies or help collect supplies for people in need?  

We will be letting you know where those needs are and I encourage you to join us in serving.   


But PG is this all about the church?  What about my needs?  Well, lets walk back through the five areas again: 


  • You need to be praying, and not just for our church. You need to engage in regular prayer that expresses your love for God, your gratitude, the confession of sin and asking for forgiveness, and laying out the needs of your life before Him for His power, protection, intervention and supply.  
  • You need God’s financial blessing. The Bible couldn’t be clearer: if you honor God, He will honor you.  
  • You need spiritual community in whatever form you can find it and the sustenance that comes from teaching and worship. We are not simply called to be public worshipers, but also private worshipers.  
  • You need to show you are not ashamed of the message of Christ and share your faith. 
  • You need to exercise and enlarge your faith through service. 


So meet the needs of your church. And in so doing,… meet your own. 


Excited about the possibilities, 

Pastor Gary 


This letter was adapted from an article I read by James Emery White.