Psalm 35:28

28 My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,
    your praises all day long.


David pleads to God for defense – to fight against those who are fighting against him.  [The exact period of time this psalm is linked to is unknown – so we are not sure who is fighting against him at this time.] He prays for destruction of his enemies – may they be disgraced, put to shame, ruined.  He then promises praise for if/when he’s delivered. He recalls dealings with previous adversaries – how he cared for them (mourning them as if family, yet how they betrayed him).  Once again, he promises praise for deliverance from his enemies then goes back to prayer for vindication.


David seems to often be emotionally volatile – quickly (within a single psalm) going from one thing to the next.  But through much of David’s psalms he comes back to praise.  Whether promises of praise or actual praise – even when he doesn’t get what he wants, when he is delivered, with his whole being, remembering what God has done before (even if it doesn’t much what he’s experiencing in the moment), praising God’s character, love and compassion.  Despite his frustrations, his hurts, the times where he felt left and abandoned, he seemingly always turned to praise. 

Life Application:

Always return to praise.

Regardless of where you may be today, there is something to praise God for.  If you need to jog your memory, I’ve included a list here from Psalm 103…

What God has done for us…

  • He forgives our sins (verse 3).
  • He heals our bodies (verse 3).
  • He has saved us from hell (verse 4). 
  • He blesses us with love and compassion (verse 4).
  • He satisfies us so deeply that it’s invigorating (verse 5).
  • He will deliver justice for the oppressed (verse 6).
  • He has revealed His character and deeds to us (verse 7).
  • He will not forever accuse or be angry with us for the sins we have committed against Him (verse 9).
  • He does not treat us the way we deserve to be treated or seek to punish us for our sins (verse 10).
  • He has cleansed us from our sins (verse 12).
  • He has the compassion of a Father who knows His children will sometimes fail to obey (verses 13-14).
  • His love for His followers prevails over generations (verse 17).

Who God is…

  • He is just (verse 6).
  • He is compassionate (verse 8).
  • He is gracious (verse 8).
  • He is slow to anger (verse 8).
  • He overflows with love (verse 8).
  • He loves His followers beyond our imagination (verse 11).
  • He is worthy of praise in heaven and on earth (verse 22).

Let’s take time to praise today! <3