2 Corinthians 2



2 Corinthians 2:14


…and to God are thanks, who at  ALL TIMES 

is leading us in TRIUMPH in the Christ, 

and the fragrance of His knowledge 

HE is MANIFESTING through us in every place. (YLT)




A believer’s triumphs are all in Christ. To him be the praise and glory of all, while the success of the gospel is a good reason for a Christian’s joy and rejoicing. In ancient triumphs, abundance of perfumes and sweet odours were used; so the name and salvation of Jesus, as ointment poured out, was a sweet savour diffused in every place. – Matthew Henry Commentary 




I love this! At all times we are being led by Christ in victory!  Even as we are socially distancing ourselves for safety reasons God is leading us at ALL TIMES. And HIS knowledge is being made known to the people around us like a fragrance. 


People can detect it.


 It may not be visible at first but it is pleasing to them. The way it would be when you are in the presence of something that smells amazing!


In this moment of our lives we have an incredible opportunity to move forward in our Christian Faith and principles with courage and LOVE. 


Our times may be uncertain 

But HE is “the same yesterday, today, and forever!” 

Our times may be scary 

But “He is my rock and my salvation of whom shall I be afraid?”


 For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. 2 Cor. 2:15 (NIV)




Our mandate to “Multiply Christ Followers Everywhere” does not come to a halt, even in a pandemic. 


You can smell a fragrance even from a distance. Especially if there is a breeze that will carry the aroma to many places. The Holy Spirit is the wind we need to take the fragrance of His knowledge to the people it needs to reach. 


There are so many ways that we can share the love of Christ to those around us. Even when we are separated. 


How will you spread the fragrance of Christ to those around you?


  • Ask a grocery clerk how they are doing
  • Talk to your neighbors and find out if they need any necessities or prayer
  • Create a way to have face time with some of your friends
  • Write a letter or send a text to family members 
  • When your out shopping, look for ways to let someone have an item that maybe you were looking for too 


Be encouraged, strong and courageous! This is a unique time for Christians to put to practice all that we have been taught so that we can reap the harvest for God! 

 Deborah Lee