28 Days 2020: Day 6


Read Joshua 5
Step 1: Remember God’s grace in our lives
Step 2: Remove our idols and distractions
Step 3: Repent of sinful attitudes and actions
Step 4: Recommit our hearts to God.
Consecration is not ultimately about clean living, it is about worship. We consecrate ourselves before the Lord not to prove ourselves to our neighbor or feel good about ourselves. We consecrate ourselves before the Lord for the Lord. We pursue holiness as an act of worship, out of a deep love and awe for the worthiness of God. In this way, true consecration seeks to bring the Lord the glory and honor that He is due.
Finish your consecration process by declaring your love and devotion to God as your highest and greatest pursuit.  Spend time today in extended worship.  
Here is a Spotify playlist I use when I just want to spend some time soaking in God’s presence just worshipping Him. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.