28 Days 2020: Day 4


Read Joshua 6
Yesterday we took step one in consecrating ourselves before God by taking time to remember and rehearse God’s grace in our lives.
Second, we need to remove our idols and distractions.  
As the people of Israel moved into the promised land, they found it full of other nations who worshipped other gods.  This is a helpful picture of the church’s position in the world today – surrounded by people who worship everything and everyone else other than the one true God.  And because our hearts are naturally bent away from devotion to God, we will drift naturally drift toward idolatry.  This is why Jesus commands us to “seek first” the Kingdom of God ahead of everything else, and why God warned His people to not adopt the gods of the peoples around them.  
To consecrate ourselves before God, we need to recognize where we have adopted the idols of our surrounding culture and remove them from our lives.  
Continue your consecration by writing down the distractions that keep you from loving God first and most in your life.
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