Job 1


Job 1:8

Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.”


This chapter is the prologue to a dialogue between God and Job. It sets the stage for the chapter following and provides a good background and context to Job’s anguish. It describes everything he owns, and everything that is important to him (his family). Yet in a few swift verses, Job loses all of this because of a conversation between God and Satan, where Job is basically a bet.


How would God describe you?

This is going to sound very depressing and maybe even worrisome, but Job is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Job’s words throughout the entire book are so poetic and moving to me. I love that despite losing everything he stands firm in his faith. With all that being said, I really got stuck on this verse. I got stuck on how God describes Job. He seems to have adoration for a man He’s about to bet on (that’s said in the most flattering way possible). It really got me thinking: How on earth would the God of the universe describe me? If Satan were to contact God right now, and say “I’ve been roaming the earth looking for a target. Any suggestions?” Would I even be on God’s list to His representative?

Here’s why I love the description that God gives of Job, and why I find it so convicting: God basically calls Job His number one guy. He basically says to Satan, “Take your best shot, you won’t even dent him.” I want my faith to be so strong that it doesn’t matter what comes my way. I want God to place every bet on me. I know that’s a dangerous ask, but it means God trusts me with the matters of His heart. It means He’s willing to risk one of His valuable children to prove a point to Satan. I want to be able to stick it to Satan.

Here’s my challenge to you: be the person that there is no one like on earth. Be so eternity driven that it doesn’t matter what comes your way. Instead of asking what you want written on your gravestone, start asking what God would say of you right now. Then live it out! Live it out boldly and courageously.

Life Application

I know that all sounds super awesome, but extremely impractical… but it isn’t. If we take note of Job’s living we can live in such a way that God would describe us as Job 2.0s. The first verse says that he “feared God and shunned evil.” That means we must live in a way that puts God first, and most of the time that means turning from worldly things (this helps in “shunning evil too). Job intercedes for his children regularly. Meaning, we are called to do them same for those around us. Lastly, and most obviously, Job praises and worships God through everything. After he loses everything, he drops to the ground in anguish and worship. No matter the circumstance choose to praise God.

Remember, your life may be difficult, but it isn’t as bad as Job’s! 

-Allison Khan