Joshua 4:24

24 He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God.”


This chapter gives a further account of the miraculous passage of Israel through Jordan. I. The provision that was made at that time to preserve the memorial of it, by twelve stones set up in Jordan (v. 9) and other twelve stones taken up out of Jordan (v. 1-8). II. The march of the people through Jordan’s channel, the two tribes first, then all the people, and the priests that bore the ark last (v. 10-14). III. The closing of the waters again upon their coming up with the ark (v. 15-19). IV. The erecting of the monument in Gilgal, to preserve the remembrance of this work of wonder to posterity (v. 20-24). []


The miracles of the Red Sea and crossing the Jordan are some of the most fascinating to me.  I love water!  Watching it ebb and flow at its ends, where it meets the shore.  Hearing the sound it makes.  Seeing the way it has shaped rocks and land where it once “lived.”  Seeing it course through white water trails or drizzle out of hot springs sources.  To me, it represents life, peace, power, change…which brings me back to its creator – the source of life, the provider of peace, all powerful and unchanging.

And, when I think of these miracles, that God created DRY ground where seas and rivers once stood.  That the MOMENT that which He asked be done and accomplished was complete, that the water returned.  Something about that catches me every time.

To me, it speaks to God’s power and His response to obedience. 


God gives some crazy directions some time – carry these rocks, walk this way, blow trumpets, build this ark (different ark than this story, of course)…yet, His response and provision as a result of that obedience shows His character – a God who knows what He’s doing, who’s working in the details, who desires our hearts, One who provides…a God that we can trust.


God’s power as shown in these physical examples of holding back or drying up water is cool…but, as I was thinking through why His power is so important to the lives of His children or to those that don’t yet know Him, it’s because people have tough stuff going on and, in those times may feel hopeless, seeing no way out.  But I think when we can point to a physical, tangible example of just how powerful He is and how that’s been shown in the past, it gives perspective.  The problems become minute when brought to a God that commands the sea, who does the impossible, who bore our sins through Christ.

Life Application

Be obedient. 

Live in and in awe of His power. 

Have His heart for people. 

Share the stories of how God has moved in my life. 

God, I don’t know that I’ve relayed well what you’ve put on my heart…but thank you for grabbing hold of my heart the way you have this morning and impressing upon it the way you have today.  I don’t know what you are preparing me for in my day but I’m ready to look for moments to live out obedience, to love on people and to share your truth.  Keep my eyes open, keep my heart ready. 

In your name, I pray.  Amen.


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