Matthew 6:21

21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


In Chapter 5, Jesus called out the Pharisees for the legalistic religion.  In this chapter, he warns His disciples against their hypocrisy and worldly-mindedness.  Verse 21 is preceded by vs. 19 and 20 that specifically warn not to store up treasures on earth but in heaven. 


Writing from New York today.  Always grateful to get away from my normal day to day; and having the “space” often gives me a sense of refreshing, new perspective and reminds me of what’s important in life – what my treasure is.  [If you ever wonder where your treasure truly lies, look at where you are spending the most time and money. :)] 

When I travel I always miss my home church – all your beautiful faces!  But I had the opportunity to attend a Hillsong church in Manhattan.  My experience in New York before has been that maybe people were too distracted to pursue God.  I had attended churches before and always felt that His Spirit was missing.  But not so this time.  It was beautiful to see the venue fill up, to hear the voices of so many crying out to God, to hear of the vision that they have for New York and around the world…and it was a reconnection and continued confirmation of where God has called me to.

You see, I don’t think “our treasure” is necessarily coincidental or by our choice.  Of course, more relevant to the passage, we have the ability to choose our treasure – things that we prioritize before God; but when it comes to the treasure we are to store up in heaven, the ways that we pursue that and “store it up” comes in different avenues.  I know part of my heavenly treasure comes from the heart that God’s placed in me to give back, to help others, to travel…not for my gain (because those trips are never quite as fulfilling) but for the kingdom.  And I’m grateful that God continues to redirect and reaffirm that. 

Life Application

God, may we take time today to think of where our treasure is…not where we think it is but to take time to really evaluate what we are pursuing and where we are storing up our “treasure.”  May it be in and of you…that our heart would rest in the calling you’ve placed on our lives.  Guide us, direct us, affirm and reaffirm….give us boldness to live it out and grace when we fall short.  May we see your kingdom come – in ways big and small as we seek to live for You.

In your name, I pray…Amen.

– Rei

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