Revelation 15:3

And they sang the song of Moses, the bond-servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying,

“Great and marvelous are Your works,

O Lord God, the Almighty;

Righteous and true are Your ways,

King of the nations!”


In this chapter, John describes a scene from heaven with a sea of glass and fire. The people who were standing on the sea were singing the song of Moses, a song that was sung on the sabbath in celebration of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. John also saw the tabernacle, the dwelling place of God during the time Israel was wandering in the desert. The tabernacle was filled with smoke, a visible representation of God’s glory.


God is worthy to be praised for eternity. He has taken us from a place of brokenness and brought us into completion.

We all have times in our lives that we would just assume to forget. The times we did something embarrassing, or just plain dumb. It could be an instant or a longer period of time. Maybe you got a really bad haircut once, or dated someone that you really regret.

I used to run quite a bit. It was somewhat of an obsession. I would often plan my days, weeks, months, even a full year one time around goals I had with my running. I had certain races I wanted to run, and certain times I wanted to strive for. There were some times where even my relationships would take a back seat to these goals. And while the running and the goal setting isn’t bad, placing an earthly treasure in the place of God is.

When we are in the moment, it can be hard to see what we are doing is in detriment to our selves. And like they say, hind sight is 20/20. It is only when we look back with a grateful heart that we can say, “God, thank you for taking me through this, only to bring me closer to you.”

Life application

I need your forgiveness, and I need your help to mature.

Jesus, help me to overcome myself. Help me to keep moving closer to you everyday. For I know that your love is greater than anything on earth.
– Tyler Galloway
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