Revelation 5:9

And they sang a new song , saying, “Worthy are You to take the book and break it’s seals; for you were slain, and purchased for God with your blood men from every tribe and tongue and nation


In chapter four, John talks about God as the creator of the universe.  In chapter fiver, he talks about Him as the redeemer.  He describes Him as a lion, strong and fearless, whose anger is both frightening and destructive.  The lion, our king, is the only one who can overcome the seven seals. 


Our redeemer is worthy to be praised in truth.

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.  -A.W. Tozer

I want to think of God as he ought to be thought of.  Which I think encompasses so many things all at once, that it is nearly impossible to comprehend.  God is all at once loving, forgiving, compassionate, jealous, full of wrath and justice.  All things that make him perfect. 

When I think of God on a day to day basis, I have the flaw of thinking of Him as more of a repair man.  The person I call, when I have exhausted my knowledge and skill, and have completely fouled up whatever it is I am trying to fix.  Essentially, a last resort.

However, I need to be thinking of God in much higher terms.  He is the one who not only created the world, but He can also make it complete and new.  A repair man does not make my plumbing new, he only fixes the hole that he finds.  God sees the hole in our life, and buys us a whole new house. 

When we praise, it helps us to bring our focus back to who  God is.  But it is imperative to think of God in the truth of who he is.  Not only as our creator, but also as our redeemer.

Life application

When I lose focus on you, help me to bring it back to your truth.  I want to have my life be defined as a life of worship to you.  I love you my redeemer.
– Tyler Galloway
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