2 Samuel 8


2 Samuel 8:6b & 8:14b

The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.

Observation-What does it say?

David defeated and Philistines and Moabites, among many others. He captured and struck down thousands. Scripture mentioned that David continued to have victory wherever he went. 

Understanding-What does it mean?

The Lord blesses those who keep Him first.

The Lord was on David’s side. Why? Because he was a humble King who loved the Lord and put him first. He dedicated his material earnings from his victories to the Lord. Scripture said he dedicated silver, gold and bronze from all the nations he subdued. He also dedicated everything he took from Hadadezar in battle (vs. 11-12).
Scripture also said in verse 15 that he did what was just and right for all of his people. As a result, David continued to become more famous among the people and experienced numerous victories because of the Lord.

Life Application

Dedicate our first fruits to the Lord. We must love him above anything and everything on earth, including ourselves. 

Giving our first and best to the Lord happens as we are grateful and humbled by what He’s done for us to save us from the hell that we all deserve.
It comes when we return 10% of everything we earn, back to him and give freely whatever he has called us to offer materially as David did. It comes when we lose our lives (meaning losing our personal wants, dreams, and desires) for what His wants, dreams and desires for our lives are,, which is always better.

Dear Lord, thank you that whenever we are in line with Your desires for our lives, you will bring us victory, success and joy, even better than the world gives. Thank You for David’s humble example. He did not have to uplift himself, but You made Him victorious because His heart was for You and for leading the people of Israel well and with integrity. May our Source of victory come from You alone and may we give You our lives in grateful submission as a result. Amen.

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-Michelle Gaddi