1 Samuel 21

1 Samuel 21:12-13
“David heard these comments and was very afraid of what King Achish of Gath might do to him. So he pretended to be insane, scratching on doors and drooling down his beard.”
Observation-What does it say?
David escapes from Saul, and heads to Gath, to see King Achish. As he arrives, he feels uneasy about being there. The officers of Achish were unhappy with David being there, and made comments that made David feel very afraid. He was fearful of what King Achish would do to him. So what did David do?…He acted insane; scratching walls, and drooling down his beard!
Understanding-What does it mean?
Our fear can get the best of us sometimes. 
Here is David: A fearless and mighty warrior, a leader of armies,  a man of the people, a servant of God. So how did we get a man like we read about in the previous chapters, to the one we are reading about in this chapter? It seems that David forgot that God was still with him. He let his own fear take control of his actions. His fear made him do things that were out of character. He lied to the people of Nob in order to get food and a sword. Then he lied and pretended to be insane because he feared for his life!  All this from the man, who would eventually become king, and eventually write the book of Psalms…a book where he writes countless Psalms about how God helped him overcome his fear and helped him slay his enemies! So what happened here to David?
Before we jump on David for his actions in this chapter, we have to ask ourselves if we ever did anything out of character because we let fear get the better of us. Maybe it was a time at work, when God clearly spoke to you, and told you to stand up, and speak up, defend your faith; but we cowered in the corner because we were too scared of the consequences. Or maybe we let our fear have us act “insane”, (the way David did here), in a way we acted that was unbecoming of a Christ Follower, and a person of faith; just so we can save face with those around us, and fit in with everyone else. Whatever the case may be, we all had moments in life, where we let fear take over, and forgot to turn to God, and trust in Him in those situations. It happens to the best of them: David, Moses, and Peter to name a few. They all forgot what God had already brought them through, the power in the things He can do, and the power in the things He is going to do! But once they remembered and took grasp of it, they were changed for the better!
Life Application
Don’t let the enemy fill you with fear, and control you with it. Instead let yourself be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be reminded of the limitless power our God has! With God, all things are possible!-(Matthew 19:26).
Father God, forgive me for letting fear get into my heart. Forgive me for letting fear and doubt creep into my life, instead of running to You. May You continue to guide me and strengthen me as I stay connected to You in prayer and reading Your Word. Help me be obedient to You so that we may accomplish the “impossible”. Help me to walk in faith, and not in fear. In your name Jesus, Amen.
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-Moses Gaddi