Kids Sunday


  • Tiny Treasures – Birth through 1 year
  • Mission City Kids – 1 year through 2 ½ years
Caring and qualified Nursery workers show the love of Jesus as they lovingly care for, sing to and pray for each child. A monthly Bible theme is repeated to the children each Sunday and sent home with the parents for reinforcement during the month.


  • Son Seekers – 2 ½ years through Pre-Kindergarten
Preschoolers have fun singing, playing with friends and learning age-appropriate Bible lessons.  Lots of hands-on activities keep the kids busy and happy.


  • Everyday Heroes – Kindergarten – 6th Grade
Every kid can be an Everyday Hero if they let God’s light shine through them to reach others in their world.  Each Sunday morning, kids learn timeless Biblical truths and how to apply them to their lives in a fresh, exciting way.  Biblical stories and concepts are learned and experienced through 6-week rotation workshops, which are taught in ways kids learn best.  Kids have a chance to interact with friends and build new friendships while growing in their faith.