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Family Blessing

"If your child is between the age of twelve and thirteen we invite you to call the church office and set up a time during one of our Sunday Morning Celebrations when you can publicly bless your child."

1 Chron 28:1-3: 9-10; 20
Genesis 27

The Hebrews believed that the spoken word carried with it great power for good and evil. That words, once spoken had a life of its own so that when a blessing was spoken it could not be retracted.

When Isaac blessed Jacob he gave to Jacob the spiritual inheritance that had been given to Abraham by God.
The promise was that…
1. Abraham would be the father of many nations.
2. Kings would come from his line.
3. The land of Canaan will be for Abraham and his descendants.
4. This covenant was for his descendants.

Isaac passed on God’s blessing to Jacob. Once it was spoken it was irretrievable.

Over the years the concept of the blessing of our children has gone the way of the dinosaur. Today the ritual that signifies the passing of children into adulthood is celebrated in giving kids keys to the car or some other similar act.

The Bible is big on blessing. In fact it is mentioned in the bible about seven hundred times. But what is the blessing?

Blessings convey God’s power.
In the Old Testament the word for blessing means the transmittal or endowment of the power of God’s goodness and favor. It was usually done with the spoken word and the laying on of hands. It was done by fathers to their children, but were also given by people in authority to those under their authority or by priests to the congregation of believers.

Blessings speak well of someone.
In the New Testament the word most often translated as bless is the wordeulogeo from which we get the word eulogy. It literally means to speak well of or to express praise.
As in the Old Testament this kind of blessing was most often the act of calling down God’s gracious power on someone. Jesus did this on the disciples just before He ascended into heaven promising them the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Hebrews have a maxim that says, The blessing of the father builds the children’s house.

There is such a need for us to return to blessing our children both daily and in a ceremonial rite of passage. Many children today suffer all their lives because they never receive it. They never hear their parents speak well of them or praise them. They never feel the love and acceptance of their parents and so they look for it in cults and gangs that promise counterfeit blessings.

It is God’s plan and intent that every son and daughter receives a powerful impartation of identity and destiny from God coming through a father or mother at the time of passing from adolescence to adulthood. It is so important that Jesus, Himself, did not begin His ministry without first receiving this blessing from His Heavenly Father.

At around twelve or thirteen, most children are uniquely prepared by God to receive instruction regarding adulthood from their parents. Children’s hearts still tend to be very open to their parents at this time in life as they are not yet consumed with as many activities as they will be in a couple of years. Most children still enjoy spending time with their parents at this age.

Here at Desert Streams Church we want to celebrate this unique moment in the life of your child and in your family and the way we celebrate is by giving you the opportunity to bless your child publicly. If your child is between the age of twelve and thirteen then we invite you to call the church office and set up a time during one of our Sunday Morning Celebrations when you can publicly bless your child.


  • The family blessing will call down God’s grace upon your child. Make it real – personal – from the love of your heart.
  • You may want to mention some personal experiences, characteristics, that your son or daughter has exhibited, known gifts that have been demonstrated, or even a funny memory that you child has blessed you with.
  • This blessing should also contain a meaningful symbol that your child can keep as a remembrance of this special day. You may want to purchase a Bible, special book, ring, cross, or any other token you feel would be appropriate. You ma want to simply write your child a letter. The symbol of your choice will be presented to your child during the ceremony.
  • The blessing can end with a prayer spoken either by the father or mother over the child.


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As with any occasion or situation, seek the Lord for direction on how to proceed. Allow Him to guide you through this and be open to whatever He may ask of you at this time. It is possible and profitable for a parent, before blessing their child to ask forgiveness for any words or actions that may have caused a wedge between them. As you create your blessing for you child you may want to focus on Acceptance, Fulfillment and Release. Most importantly, allow the blessing to come from the deep love in your heart for your child.

Generational Legacy by Dan LeLaCheur 
The Family Blessing by Rolf Garborg


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