Tyler and Jen Galloway
When? Every other Friday from 6pm-8pm
Where?  Saugus 
MaryAnn Hoye
When?  Every other Wednesday from 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where? Newhall
Who?  Women only
Roy and Sheila Wilkerson
When? Every other Friday from 6:30pm-8pm
Where?  Canyon Country 
Kyle and Jessica Souther
When? Every other Friday from 6pm-8pm
Where?  Canyon Country 
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“We both strongly believe that everyone should be a part of GROW, for the encouragement, friendships, but most importantly it is nice to have people you can trust when you need support. We have grown so much with our walk with God and we know it has a large part to do with our GROW group.  I used to hate going to church, but now I feel like part of a family and it encourages me to stay focused on my walk with God.”
– Dave and Leanne
“If you want a place of safety and security to be yourself, if you want to make lifelong friends, if you enjoy fun activities and food, and if you would like to be among loving people who desire to encourage and pray for you through your journey of faith, I recommend joining a GROW group.”
– Michelle