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All too often we don’t attempt something because we look at the whole at get overwhelmed.  We rationalize that it is too much for us to handle.  One of the best ways to overcome that kind of thinking is to break down the task into smaller pieces.  To help you fast for 28 days we have broken it down into four smaller pieces.  Here they are.  

Week 1 fast TV and spend the time reading God’s Word.
Week 2 add Music and Media.
Week 3 Fast a meal a day and use the time to read God’s Word and pray.
Week 4 Join us for a 70 hour fast of all food and beverages except water.  
I would consider it a huge success we all followed this simple four-part fasting.
To help you get going we have created a Prayer and Fasting Manual.  You can open it in your Kindle app or iBooks app on your phones or tablets.  Here are the links…
Here are some other details…
  •       On Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm we will have worship and prayer.  The only Wednesday we will not have this is on January 31st.
  •       The 70 hour prayer vigil begins Thursday Feb 1st at 1pm and goes to Sunday Feb 4th at 10am.  
  •       During the 70 hours  we will have worship and prayer onThursday and Friday from 7-8pm.
  •       We will end our fast together on Sunday February 4th with a time of worship and celebration at our Sunday 10am service.  Our Sunday will be a time of worship and celebration and testimony. 
  •       Remember fasting is not just abstaining from something it is drawing near to God through prayer and His Word.

You can do it, and the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice.  This year can be our breakthrough year.

Looking forward to hearing the great stories of breakthrough.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience!