2 Samuel_20

2 Samuel 20:16,19
16 “But a wise woman in the town called out to Joab, “Listen to me, Joab. Come over here so I can talk to you.”
19 “I am one who is peace loving and faithful in Israel. But you are destroying an important town in Israel. Why do you want to devour what belongs to the LORD?”
Observation-What does it say?
Joab and his forces are in hot pursuit of seizing Sheba and his men. They find out that Sheba and his men were assembled and ready for battle in a town called Abel-beth-maacah. So Joab and his forces arrive and begin attacking the town, even building a siege ramp against the towns fortifications as they began battering down the wall. 
But a wise woman from the town calls out to Joab and questions Joab asking why he is destroying their town…God’s town. Joab replies his intentions of seizing but one man, Sheba, for Sheba spoke against the king of Israel and has tried to start a revolt against the king. Joab then tells this wise woman that if she hands Sheba over to him, he will leave their town. The wise woman talks it over with the rest of the town and they agree to Joab’s request. They cut off Sheba’s head and throw it out to Joab. 
Understanding-What does it mean?
The wise woman stood up against the man (Sheba), who spoke against God’s anointed King, and helped spare her town from further destruction and ruin.
The town of Abel-beth-maacah had a person amongst them who had spoken bad against God’s anointed king, David. The town was under attack and on the verge of being devoured by the king’s army because of it, until a wise woman came out and took a stand against the destruction of her land, the land of God! She and the town literally took the thing that was causing her town so much war and destruction by the head and submitted it to the king’s men. Her town was spared from further damage that day.
Life Application
Take a stand against the things in this world that oppose God, His people, and His ways.
It seems this world put lots of things God considers important on the back burner. In some parts of the world, God’s people are being put to death because of their faith. Even in our own nation, God and His ways are being taken out of schools and our government. We as a church body (His bride), have let God down. Our world is being devoured and destroyed because of such things. Just look around us! It’s time we as THE CHURCH take a stand! We must be like the wise woman in this passage and take a stand. Fight to keep our home, God’s home, from being destroyed!
Lord give me courage and strength to take a stand against anything or anyone who opposes You or Your people. Let we, as Your bride, fight for its groom. Help us to show you the honor, respect, and love You truly deserve. In Your name Lord Jesus, Amen.
-Moses Gaddi